The organization is created by disabled children's parents for disabled childrens and guardians of them.

Unarvu was established to provide vocational training, production, academic, therapy, games,  farming, day care for differently abled persons


Under Unarvu Charitable Trust

The foundation stone laying ceremony for BL00MING VALLEY CARE HOME was held today. This care home to function under Unarv Charitable Trust has been setup for the purpose of providing life-long protection to the parents of differently-abled children by providing vocational training, accommodation and food to those who are able to take care of them after the death of their parents.

In order to bring this dream home to fruition, we require a generous assistance from everyone concerned.

We thank Mr. Kanti Pindoria & Family, ESSA Group who bought the land of 30 cents. We also thank Cherpullassery Manchakalulla Sooki Hypermarket team motor for the tube well and water tank.

The organization is still in great need of assistance and it is imperative that everyone lends a hand. Collaboration from everyone concerned is essential.

Inauguration -30/09/2023 at 11 AM

Life Training

For an independent self sufficient life

be their own guide!

We give you full support

As the world becomes more inclusive, it is important to ensure that everyone, including differently abled persons, has equal opportunities to thrive. One way to do this is by empowering differently abled individuals to be their own guides. By providing them with the necessary resources, tools, and support, we can enable them to navigate the world on their own terms and become active participants in society.

This approach not only enhances their independence and self-reliance but also fosters a sense of confidence and self-worth. It allows differently abled persons to take control of their lives and pursue their dreams, just like anyone else. Moreover, it helps break down the barriers and stigma associated with disability, promoting a more inclusive and equitable world for all.

Therefore, let us work together to create a world where everyone can thrive. By empowering differently abled persons to be their own guide, we can build a more inclusive and just society that benefits us all.

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